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Things to do in and around Magomadas

Whether you are looking for beautiful beaches, country walks to enjoy the breathtaking views, boat rides or day trips here are some of the best days out you can spend whilst staying with us at Casa Ciki. Below are our personal favorites and more attractions will be added to this page soon.

Local Beaches

                                  beaches near magomadas in sardinia

The three main beaches of the area which are popular with tourists and locals alike can be found at Spiaggia di Turas, Porto Alabe and Bosa Marina. All three are within 4km of the villa and can be reaches by car, foot or a scenic bike ride. Bosa Marina also boasts some of the best restaurants in the area with freshly caught seafood and fish from the local ports.
Castello Malaspina

Stay at the Casa Ciki villa in
                                  Sardinia and visit Castello Malaspina

The castle of Fosdinovo was taken over by the Malaspina family, where it's name changed to this day. It is a medieval style fortress that now shows the unique architecture, style and artwork of the period. The castle is a fascinating experience with exhibitions, a restaurant, tours and even the opportunity to stay the night. All in all the Castello Malaspina is well worth a visit and close to the town center of Bosa.  

Bosa Cathedral

Stay at casa ciki in sardinia
                                  and visit bosa cathedral

Bosa Cathedral is a Roman Catholic cathedral and famous because it is dedicated to the Immaculate Conception on Jesus Christ. It looks out upon the beautiful River Temo and Bosa Old Town. The cathedral itself is simply breathtaking and a worthy stop if you are visiting nearby Bosa for some sightseeing.

Torre Costiera dell'Isola Rossa

The Aragonese Tower in

During the Spanish Civil War, the city of Bosa was fortified with watchtowers around the 'Port of The Red Island' and the nearby coast. The largest of these is The Aragonese Tower, which was in visual contact of other watchtowers as well as the Castelo Malaspina. Over the years this watch tower has served as a guard house, prison and even a customs office. It is now a famous local museum full of history and military splendor.  


The Tinnura Murales really have to be seen to be believed, and as the small Sardinian village is just 2km down the road to our Casa Ciki villa you really don't have any excuse to miss out. A photograph really would not do the Tinnura Murales any justice so instead we have included a video to show them in all their glory.

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